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Rinko Kawauchi – Approaching Whiteness

Last year I highlighted an event organised by Goliga to coincide with Rinko Kawauchi’s nomination for the Deutsche Borse prize and the accompanying exhibition at The Photographers Gallery in London. The event, Approaching Whiteness, allowed the visitor to select one of nine different scrolls that contained a series of images created by Rinko. The scroll was then screen printed with a design and colour of your choice and the title written on it in Japanese calligraphy. Finally, Rinko stamped the scroll and placed it in a custom made box. The event was hugely successful and it was hard to pick a scroll and design for the silkscreen, a lot of visitors were comparing choices before making their final decision! Videos for all the scrolls can be seen here, I chose Goldfish and Diamond Dust.

Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Silkscreen

I chose a pearlescent colour for my pine needle pattern

I chose a pearlescent colour for my pine needle pattern

Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls

Rinko Kawauchi – Approaching Whiteness Editions

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Rinko Kawauchi has been nominated for this years Deutsche Borse prize which is currently being exhibited at The Photographers Gallery in London. To coincide with this, Kawauchi has produced an edition which is not only an object but a live performance. On the 8th September Kawauchi will create nine different Japanese scrolls, each with a panel of 10 images themed around a different subject. As part of the event, visitors purchasing a scroll will be able to witness the scroll being produced live; a pattern will be screenprinted on the scroll, Kawauchi’s mother will write the title in brushstroke and Kawauchi will finally stamp and sign the scroll. The scroll is 220mm high and 2.1 metres long, comes wrapped around a Katsura pole and is housed in a laser etched Paulownia wood case. The edition size is a total of 300 suggesting there will be approximately 33/34 of each theme.

Amazingly the edition is only £216 (including VAT), which is an excellent price compared to other editions by Kawauchi; this is an amazing opportunity to collect an object by an internationally renowned artist whose reputation is rapidly growing. To see videos of all nine scrolls and order the edition (also available to those that cannot make it to the gallery on the day as well) visit the Goliga website here.

I have bought Goldfish and Diamond Dust.

Rinko Kawauchi – Murmuration

Rinko Kawauchi is the third and final photographer that was commissioned to produce work for the 2010 Brighton Photo Biennial (Alec Soth’s and Stephen Gill’s books can be seen here). Whilst well respected in her home country of Japan for many years, it is only in the last 5-10 years that Kawauchi’s work has been appreciated worldwide and garnered the international acclaim it deserves. Her work is uniquely serene, she is able to capture the beauty and calm of even the most mundane environment. For her BPB commission, Kawauchi was drawn to the thousands of Starlings that would flock around Brighton pier at dusk; the title Murmuration is the collective noun for a flock of Starlings. Kawauchi captured the fleeting ever changing formations the Starlings created against the winter sky and continued this theme by following groups of people around the streets of Brighton. The resulting book, produced in an edition of 1000, brings together these images and beautifully captures the transition from the end of summer in to autumn and winter. The book is still available from Photoworks, although signed copies have sold out.

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