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Visionaire 43 – Dreams

In issue 43, Visionaire turned dreams in to reality. Using the latest precision laser cutting techniques, ethereal images from some of the worlds foremost artists, such as Maurizio Cattelan, Lamsweerde and Matadin, Rachel Whiteread, Simon Periton, Karl Lagerfeld and Mario Sorrenti, were burnt into black paper; in effect, this whole issue was printed without ink. Each loose leaf image is protected in it’s own colourful metallic page within a hardback book which is housed in a laser cut slipcase, in itself is a work of art. Many of the images can be enjoyed in the book but some really come to life when they are held up to the light against a white background. The issue was limited to 1500 copies, a small print run for Visionaire, and as such is hard to find.

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Detail Shot

Rachel Whiteread – Ringmark 2010 Artists Edition

Rachel Whiteread produced this edition to coincide with her 2010 exhibition of drawings at Tate Britian. Whiteread is best known for her sculptures where she casts objects in concrete, thus documenting the negative space. However, central to her creative process are her works on paper. The collages and drawings presented in this exhibition provide an unrivalled insight into the creative process behind Whiteread’s work. While her sculptures are often large-scale and involve a team of fabricators, these paper works provide a more intimate personal, reference point to her process.

The edition was produced in collaboration with Counter Editions and depicts overlapping ringmarks as if left by numerous cups and glasses, reminiscent of a gathering having occurred. The edition is not your usual print, the ringmarks are laser cut from plywood, stained black and mounted on conservation board. The “print” is 61x53cm and comes in an edition of 400. I bought mine during the exhibition but it is still available from the Counter Editions website.

Counter Editions Print

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