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Rinko Kawauchi – Murmuration

Rinko Kawauchi is the third and final photographer that was commissioned to produce work for the 2010 Brighton Photo Biennial (Alec Soth’s and Stephen Gill’s books can be seen here). Whilst well respected in her home country of Japan for many years, it is only in the last 5-10 years that Kawauchi’s work has been appreciated worldwide and garnered the international acclaim it deserves. Her work is uniquely serene, she is able to capture the beauty and calm of even the most mundane environment. For her BPB commission, Kawauchi was drawn to the thousands of Starlings that would flock around Brighton pier at dusk; the title Murmuration is the collective noun for a flock of Starlings. Kawauchi captured the fleeting ever changing formations the Starlings created against the winter sky and continued this theme by following groups of people around the streets of Brighton. The resulting book, produced in an edition of 1000, brings together these images and beautifully captures the transition from the end of summer in to autumn and winter. The book is still available from Photoworks, although signed copies have sold out.

Carmen and Alec Soth – Brighton Picture Hunt

At the end of 2010, the Brighton Photo Biennial commissioned three artists to produce work around the UK seaside towns of Brighton and Hove. One of the selected artists was acclaimed US photographer Alec Soth who flew over only to be refused a permit to work. To work around this, Soth’s daughter Carmen who was travelling with him became the photographer. Each day they would make a wishlist of things they would like to take a picture of and then they would set out, walking around Brighton for a few hours each day to try and capture these images. This project is a unique take on the traditional photography essay; by making his daughter the photographer, images are captured from a unique perspective, “I’d give anything to be able to see the world with such open eyes. Her visual vocabulary isn’t cluttered with all of the cliches and references that mine is…..They show this city from a child’s perspective which has as much validity as if a professional had made the pictures”. The resulting book Brighton Picture Hunt, published by Photoworks, was produced in an edition of 1000 copies, a small number of which were signed. The book is still available from the Photoworks website, as is a limited edition print from the project.


Stephen Gill – Outside In

Stephen Gill is a London-based photographer whose work is grounded in documentary photography but is often elevated through manipulation of the image. In 2010, Gill was one of three artists (the others being Alec Soth and Rinko Kawauchi) commissioned by Photoworks to give an artists view of Brighton for the 2010 photography biennial. The result was Outside In, a series of images manipulated by the city itself; Gill placed found objects (and even insects) in the body of the camera behind the lens so that they were captured along with the scene and became part of the composition. The work was published in a book, limited to 1000 copies,  which was released through Gills own imprint Nobody Books.

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