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Stephen Gill – Coexistence (Special Print 1)

Here is another of the limited edition prints Stephen Gill released to coincide with his new book Coexistence. This one is selling quite quickly, the price has now increased to £150 and can be bought here

Stephen Gill Coexistence Special Print 1

Stephen Gill – Coexistence (Special Print 4)

Stephen Gill recently released his latest book, Coexistence, a photographic response to an area of industrial wasteland in Dudelange, Luxembourg. Within this area was a pond which Gill used as a common thread throughout the project; Gill took microscopic images of the life growing in the pond and also took photos of the residents and surrounding areas of Dudelange through the pond water using an underwater camera. To accompany the book, Gill has released five special prints; these 12″x10″ prints are each in an edition of just 30, the price starts at £110 but will rise to £150 after the first ten have sold. All five prints are still available and can be bought from Gill’s imprint, Nobody Books, here . I have bought three of them and will be posting them here over the following week, starting with my favourite No.4.

Coexistence - 4

Stephen Gill – Outside In Print

Earlier this week, the 2012 Brighton Photo Biennial was announced at the Photographers Gallery in London, and yet again looks set to be a great event. The last Biennial had an incredible roster of artists, including Stephen Gill who exhibited his Outside In series, which I have previously featured. To accompany the exhibition and the book, Gill released a limited edition print which embodied the projects aims; as Gill described……

“My aim was to evoke the feeling of the area at the same time as describing its appearance….The results included some highly detailed macro recordings amongst and within the landscapes and portraits. I like to think of these photographs as in-camera photograms in which conflict or harmony has been randomly formed in the final image depending on where the objects landed….I also used a magnifying glass to concentrate the Brighton sunlight onto some of the negatives in order to etch markings directly onto the image. Some of the negatives I dipped in the sea. I was imagining and hoping the finished series would be like the regurgitated contents of a giant vacuum cleaner.”

The print, an edition of 50, has sold out but he has two other prints from this series available on his website here

(P.S  The print isn’t this wonky, that’s just my bad angle!)

Stephen Gill – Hackney Flowers

Hackney Flowers, published by Stephen Gill‘s imprint Nobody Books,  takes the fascination and love of Hackney Gill first showed in his book Hackney Wick and builds on it through use of found objects and manipulation of photographs taken around the London borough. For this series, Gill collected flowers, seeds, berries and other objects and pressed them in his studio. These preserved objects were then layered on to images of Hackney and it’s residents, and the resulting collage rephotographed. In addition, some of the original images were first buried and allowed to decay to add a further layer and affirm the strong geographical link. The resulting images are colourful, whimsical and imbued with a vibrant feeling and rhythm. This clothbound hardcover book was printed in an edition of 3500 and has since sold out with the publisher but copies can still be found online.

(click images to enlarge)


Stephen Gill – Coming Up For Air

In Coming Up For Air, British photographer Stephen Gill presents a collection of images shot whilst travelling around Japan in 2008 and 2009; this book was his first major departure from the usual setting for his projects, Hackney, London. All the images were captured in and around aquariums, the images are often close cropped or slightly blurred in an almost deliberate attempt to strip away the contextual setting of the image; the book is also purposefully devoid of information on the location and context of the images which further reinforces this notion. As with much of Gill’s work there is an element of intervention and personalisation; with this book, Gill painted by hand the covers of each copy in a variety of different colours so that no two books are the same.

Signed copies are still available from Gill’s own publishing house Nobody Books.

(click images to enlarge)

Hand Painted Cover


(Inside images taken from Nobody Books)

Stephen Gill – Japan Earthquake Fundraising Print

This past weekend was the first anniversary of the earthquake that devastated eastern Japan. In response to the urgent need for humanitarian aid, artists all over the world released artworks to raise funds for various charities. Through his own imprint, Nobody Books, London-based photographer Stephen Gill offered a print to raise funds for Japan Red Cross and Japan Tsunami Appeal. The image was taken from his Coming Up For Air series which had been released as a book just a few months prior to the earthquake; the images were taken during Gill’s travels through Japan in 2008 and 2009.

Coming Up For Air

Stephen Gill – Off Ground Special Edition

I have covered Stephen Gill’s work here before, and will again, as I am a great admirer of his work and collect many of his books and prints. For this project Gill collaborated with the writer Iain Sinclair. Following the recent riots in Hackney, Gill and Sinclair walked through the aftermath. Gill collected bricks and rocks that had been used in the riots and photographed them in his studio, creating images with an almost forensic quality. Iain Sinclair produced a text which accompanies the images and documents the process and the day. The text and images are presented in a saddle stitched newspaper which comes as a special edition of 100 with a print, housed in a stitched Ratford cloth sleeve. It can be purchased from Gill’s own imprint, Nobody Books

Stephen Gill - Off Ground

Stephen Gill - Off Ground

Stephen Gill - Off Ground

Stephen Gill - Off Ground

Stephen Gill - Off Ground

The Print

Stephen Gill – Outside In

Stephen Gill is a London-based photographer whose work is grounded in documentary photography but is often elevated through manipulation of the image. In 2010, Gill was one of three artists (the others being Alec Soth and Rinko Kawauchi) commissioned by Photoworks to give an artists view of Brighton for the 2010 photography biennial. The result was Outside In, a series of images manipulated by the city itself; Gill placed found objects (and even insects) in the body of the camera behind the lens so that they were captured along with the scene and became part of the composition. The work was published in a book, limited to 1000 copies,  which was released through Gills own imprint Nobody Books.

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