Mat Collishaw – Insecticide 13 Print

Mat Collishaw is one of the original YBAs (young british artists) that exhibited at the legendary Freeze show in 1989. His work often has a very dark sinister edge to it, but at the same time, a richness of colour and detail. In 2009 Mat Collishaw had an exhibition at Haunch of Venison where he unveiled his latest body of work entitled “Insecticides”. This series of work captured insects at their moment of death; Collishaw called the images “degraded and violent memorials to a once living form”. In conjunction with the exhibition, Collishaw released Insecticide 13 as a limited edition print. The print is in an edition of 200 and is 40x40cm; it can be ordered from Blain Southern who represent him.

Mat Collishaw Print