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Rinko Kawauchi – Approaching Whiteness

Last year I highlighted an event organised by Goliga to coincide with Rinko Kawauchi’s nomination for the Deutsche Borse prize and the accompanying exhibition at The Photographers Gallery in London. The event, Approaching Whiteness, allowed the visitor to select one of nine different scrolls that contained a series of images created by Rinko. The scroll was then screen printed with a design and colour of your choice and the title written on it in Japanese calligraphy. Finally, Rinko stamped the scroll and placed it in a custom made box. The event was hugely successful and it was hard to pick a scroll and design for the silkscreen, a lot of visitors were comparing choices before making their final decision! Videos for all the scrolls can be seen here, I chose Goldfish and Diamond Dust.

Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Silkscreen

I chose a pearlescent colour for my pine needle pattern

I chose a pearlescent colour for my pine needle pattern

Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls Rinko Kawauchi Scrolls

Mel Bochner – If the Colour Changes exhibition

As I said in a previous post, it was a busy week for art lovers in London last week! Last Thursday was the opening night of American painter Mel Bochner’s exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery. This is the first time Bochner’s 45 year career has been exhibited on such a scale in the UK and, after seeing the exhibition, I can say it’s long overdue. From a lot of the press running up to the exhibition I was expecting it to be solely his text paintings on show, for which he is most famous. However, as you move through the galleries you see just how diverse his body of work is; after being greeted by the enormous Blah Blah Blah painting, created especially for this show, when you first enter, you move in to a space occupied by Theory of Painting, four squares made up of newspaper spreads sprayed bright blue in various configurations. Moving on, there are photographs, sculptures and more examples of his paintings; the largest gallery upstairs is dedicated to his Measurement and Thesaurus works. Overall, this is a great show, it has been curated brilliantly, and having seeing the full range of his work I now have an increased respect for Bochner’s work. The show is on until December 30th and I definitely recommend you check it out.


Harland Miller – Heroin, It’s What Your Right Arm’s For

Last weekend was the 2012 Art Car Boot Fair in London, where top British artists offered their works at knockdown prices for one day only. I managed to come away with a few great pieces which I will put up here over the coming weeks. First up, an edition print by Harland Miller which was released to benefit painting magazine, Turps Banana. Harland Miller has become internationally renowned, primarily for his darkly comic paintings of reinterpreted covers of Penguin Classics novels; for this print he took an even darker than normal twist with Heroin, It’s What Your Right Arm’s For. The print measures 42x58cm and was produced in an edition of 50. The prints, priced at a very reasonable £200, sold out almost immediately with things getting quite heated towards the end as people clambered to get the last few prints. As with many prints from the Art Car Boot Fair, they are already exchanging hands on ebay for much more than the original price, I’ll be hanging on to mine.

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