Stephen Gill – Buried Prints

by fashionartbooks

London-based photographer Stephen Gill recently moved studios, and to make the job a bit easier, had an open day where he sold many of his books and prints. We managed to pick up two unique and original prints from his Buried project; I still kick myself to this day for being too slow in buying the book he created for the project so these more than make up for it! Those that know Gill’s work, or have seen previous posts on my Gill collection, will know that physical interventions and manual manipulation of the image are often central to his process.

For this project, Gill explored and documented Hackney Wick, an area that is now rapidly changing and disappearing due to the building of the Olympic site. Once the images were printed, they were then returned to Hackney Wick where Gill buried them in numerous locations.  The photographs were then left for varying amounts of time, depending on rainfall, and developed a unique patina depending on how they were buried (i.e facing each other, back to back, on their own). In this way, the link between the image and the location was cemented, Gill says “Not knowing what an image would look like once it was dug up introduced an element of chance and surprise which I found appealing. This feeling of letting go and in a way collaborating with place – allowing it also to work on putting the finishing touches to a picture – felt fair. Maybe the spirit of the place can also make its mark”