Mat Collishaw – Insecticides

by fashionartbooks

For those who follow my blog, I’m pretty sure you’ll have gathered I’m a great admirer of Mat Collishaw’s work, particularly his Insecticide series. The series consists of high resolution images of squashed moths and butterflies that the artist found in his studio. The resulting images are, at times, visceral and abstract; it is hard to discern the individual body parts, only traces, colours and forms remain. In 2009, Collishaw collated his Insecticide images into a signed, limited edition (500 copies) hardback book. The book itself is stunning, the cover is embossed with the title stamped in gold and the pages are gilt edged. Inside the images are separated in to Insecticides I and II, the images in the first series have the look of a Victorian lepidopterists study whereas the second series is much more sleek and graphic. Each image is printed on high gloss paper and is protected by a vellum sheet. Unsurprisingly, the book sold out quickly and is hard to find online (there is one for sale on Amazon). This isn’t the end of my Insecticide posts just yet, I recently bought a new Insecticide print from Mat Collishaw that is not in the book which I will post soon.

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