Dayanita Singh – Blue Book Special Edition

by fashionartbooks

Indian photographer Dayanita Singh is internationally renowned for her work that involves the notions of journey and communication. Her photographic works are often accompanied by uniquely designed books that open her work to a wider audience (she is fiercely protective of her photographs and rarely sells them), in fact Singh describes herself as a bookmaker working with photography.

In 2008, the Serpentine Gallery presented Indian Highwayan exhibition of the pioneering work being created in India today. As part of this group exhibition, Singh presented her Blue Book project. The images in this project were made during her travels around the industrial landscapes of India, and as the name suggests, the images share a common theme of the colour blue. The richness of the blues in many of the images are almost hyperreal; Singh never manipulates her images in post production, instead the effect is achieved through using daylight colour film. The overall feeling of the project is one of peace and serenity, many of the images are created at dawn/dusk long after everyone has left. The culmination of this collection of images was Blue Book, a small cardboard folder containing 23 postcards which could be used to disseminate her work and communicate with others. For the exhibition, Singh created a special edition of 100 copies which included a 9cmx9cm print of the most well know image from this project, Dream Villa 11.

Dream Villa 11