Harland Miller – Heroin, It’s What Your Right Arm’s For

by fashionartbooks

Last weekend was the 2012 Art Car Boot Fair in London, where top British artists offered their works at knockdown prices for one day only. I managed to come away with a few great pieces which I will put up here over the coming weeks. First up, an edition print by Harland Miller which was released to benefit painting magazine, Turps Banana. Harland Miller has become internationally renowned, primarily for his darkly comic paintings of reinterpreted covers of Penguin Classics novels; for this print he took an even darker than normal twist with Heroin, It’s What Your Right Arm’s For. The print measures 42x58cm and was produced in an edition of 50. The prints, priced at a very reasonable £200, sold out almost immediately with things getting quite heated towards the end as people clambered to get the last few prints. As with many prints from the Art Car Boot Fair, they are already exchanging hands on ebay for much more than the original price, I’ll be hanging on to mine.

(click to enlarge)