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Month: May, 2012

Visionaire 17 – Gold

In 1996, Visionaire released one of their most creatively adventurous and expensively made issues to date, Gold (sometimes mistakenly called Sun Beams). In this issue a wide variety of techniques were used to convey the theme, including holograms, foil stamping, origami, sculpture, gilding and embossing. The collection of loose leaf works came housed in a box designed by Greg Foley which had a hologram at its centre. Opening the box you were greeted by a gilded halo designed by Todd Oldham and a small booklet entitled Midas Touch which included foil stamped fingerprints of fashion’s most famous (Azzedine Alaia and Linda Evangelista to name just two). Exploring further, there were a collection of gold stars on multiple pages of vellum by Philip Taaffe as well as works by Francois Berthoud, Mats Gustafson, Jean Paul-Goude and Andy Warhol. There was also a gatefold tribute to Goldfinger and a booklet by Lamsweerde and Matadin that featured gold stamping over four-colour prints. The issue was limited to 2,500 copies, which at the time was a significant leap in number for Visionaire. Unsurprisingly this issue is hard to come by and has increased considerably in value!

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Bruce Nauman – Walker Art Center 1994 Retrospective Catalogue

American artist, Bruce Nauman, is one of the most eminent contemporary artists of the 20th century. His work encompasses performance, sculpture, video and drawing to name but a few of the media he works in. In 1994, the Walker Art Center organised a retrospective of his work that went on to tour across America and Europe. The exhibition included a wide range of his drawings, video performances and neon sculptures for which he is famed. Each of the works in the exhibition is documented in the accompanying catalogue along with essays by Neil Benezra and Robert Storr. The paperback catalogue is still available at a reasonable price on most websites, however the hardback catalogue containing a catalogue raisonne now fetches over $1000, unfortunately I don’t own one!

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Matthew Barney – Pace Car for the Hubris Pill

Pace Car for the Hubris Pill is a catalogue that was designed by Matthew Barney to accompany his exhibition of the same name that toured Europe in ’95-96. The exhibition included his well known films Cremaster 1, Cremaster 4 and Drawing Restraint 7 alongside lesser known earlier works OTTOshaft, Facility of Incline and Facility of Decline. As with many of Barney’s books, it included stills from the films alongside associated drawing and sculptures. The book contained a number of gatefold pages and the book was held inside a screenprinted vinyl casing, a common feature of many of Barney’s books. The print run was limited to 2500 copies, making the book highly collectible.

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Richard Hamilton – Polaroid Portraits (Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Up until his death in 2011 aged 89, the British artist Richard Hamilton continued to create arresting works in the Pop Art style, of which he was at the forefront. In 2010, he had a retrospective of his more political works at The Serpentine Gallery; to accompany the exhibition, Hamilton raffled off works from a series called Polaroid Portraits. I had not come across these works before but managed to get hold of one for my art collection. At the raffle Hamilton explained the Polaroid project and gave an insightful view in to his past. The project, in essence, was a real time photographic autobiography of his life through the medium of Polaroid photos and was exhibited in full at the IKON gallery in 2001. Starting in 1968, Hamilton asked artists he met to take his picture using a polaroid camera. Once he had collected 32, they were published in a volume, the first being in 1972. These books were small and devoid of text other than the name of the artist taking the picture and the year it was taken. On the cover was a list of all the artists contained in the book. The project eventually ran to four volumes, with the final volume being published in 2002, the artist list reads like a Who’s Who of 20th century art and includes artists such as Warhol, Baldessari, Bacon, Beuys, Lichtenstein and Oldenburg to name just a few. Journeying through these evocative portraits, you get a glimpse into his life and his love for art in all its forms. After the raffle at The Serpentine, I managed to track down and buy all four volumes of the series, some are easier to find than others.

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Ed Ruscha

Gerhard Richter

Andy Warhol

Jasper Johns

John Baldessari

Christian Boltanski

Robert Rauschenburg

Gustav Metzger

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