Stephen Gill – Hackney Flowers

by fashionartbooks

Hackney Flowers, published by Stephen Gill‘s imprint Nobody Books,  takes the fascination and love of Hackney Gill first showed in his book Hackney Wick and builds on it through use of found objects and manipulation of photographs taken around the London borough. For this series, Gill collected flowers, seeds, berries and other objects and pressed them in his studio. These preserved objects were then layered on to images of Hackney and it’s residents, and the resulting collage rephotographed. In addition, some of the original images were first buried and allowed to decay to add a further layer and affirm the strong geographical link. The resulting images are colourful, whimsical and imbued with a vibrant feeling and rhythm. This clothbound hardcover book was printed in an edition of 3500 and has since sold out with the publisher but copies can still be found online.

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