Mat Collishaw – The End Of Innocence

by fashionartbooks

Until now I have used this blog just for my book and print collection but from today I will also start posting about the private views and exhibitions I attend. First up is Mat Collishaw’s new work The End Of Innocence which I attended the private view of last night. In this piece, Collishaw has created a digital reinterpretation of Francis Bacon’s appropriation of Velazquez’s Pope Innocent X. The work is in a constant state of flux; as blocks of colour run down the screen like water, the image shifts and morphs so that Bacon’s work slips in and out of view. The work is epic in scale (around 7m tall) and, fittingly, occupies an entire wall of a converted church in Southwark park. Below is a video of the work, although watching on a computer screen doesn’t do it justice, it has to be seen up close and in the flesh to be fully appreciated. The End Of Innocence is on display until the 27th May at Dilston Grove and is definitely worth a visit.

(Best watched full screen and in HD)