Stephen Gill – Coming Up For Air

by fashionartbooks

In Coming Up For Air, British photographer Stephen Gill presents a collection of images shot whilst travelling around Japan in 2008 and 2009; this book was his first major departure from the usual setting for his projects, Hackney, London. All the images were captured in and around aquariums, the images are often close cropped or slightly blurred in an almost deliberate attempt to strip away the contextual setting of the image; the book is also purposefully devoid of information on the location and context of the images which further reinforces this notion. As with much of Gill’s work there is an element of intervention and personalisation; with this book, Gill painted by hand the covers of each copy in a variety of different colours so that no two books are the same.

Signed copies are still available from Gill’s own publishing house Nobody Books.

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Hand Painted Cover


(Inside images taken from Nobody Books)