Matthew Barney – Drawing Restraint 7

by fashionartbooks

Matthew Barney produced Drawing Restraint 7 in 1993 as a three channel video installation. In the video, three satyrs travel in a limousine through the tunnels of New York; in the front seat a hairless kid satyr chases its own tail, whilst in the back a ram and a ewe satyr wrestle each other. The concept of a drawing restraint is embodied by the fighting satyrs battling to try and use each others horns to draw an image of themselves in the condensation on the cars sunroof. The video comes to a head when the satyrs and the car upholstery are flayed, a final punishment for an act of hubris (a recurring motif in much of Barney’s work); trying to recreate their own image. The video, along with drawings and photographs associated with the project, was shown at the 1993 Venice Biennale where Barney won the Aperto prize for his work. The catalogue to accompany the project was published by HatjeCantz and has since sold out.

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