Ryan McGinley – Moonmilk

by fashionartbooks

New York based photographer Ryan McGinley exploded on to the art scene at the beginning of 2000 and quickly notched up a solo show at the Whitney Museum in 2003 and numerous awards. His work has a free, uninhibited, hedonistic feeling to it, often taking quirky indie kids and photographing them nude in nature. His projects were often turned into handmade or limited run books which were snapped up and have become true collectors items. One of his most recent books, Moonmilk, published by Morel Books, takes his subjects into huge underground caves in the North American wilderness. In a departure from his usual style, his subjects in these ethereal images almost disappear in to the landscape, the rock formations and the other worldly lighting are almost the stars. McGinley said he was inspired by the novels of Jules Verne and Mark Twain and the title of the project references the crystalline deposits found on the walls of the caves;  it was once believed that these crystals were formed by light from celestial bodies passing through rock into the dark world below. Moonmilk was New York Time’s photobook of the year in 2009 and both print runs quickly sold out. The book itself, as with all books by Morel, is expertly produced; due to it’s tight binding I have had to cheat and take the inside images from Morel’s and McGinley’s websites so as as not to damage my copy!