David Maisel – Cascade Effect (One Picture Book 49)

by fashionartbooks

Since 2000, US Publisher Nazraeli Press has worked with a number of artists to produce the One Picture Book series. Each title in the series is produced in a limited run of 500 copies, each with a print and hand signed and numbered by the artist. For number 49, entitled Cascade Effect, David Maisel presented works from his 1985 project, The ForestThese black and white aerial  photos show the destruction caused by clear-cut deforestation in Maine, USA. From this angle, the full extent of the thousands of trees uprooted and discarded on the sides of rivers and lakes and the permanent impact it has on the landscape can be seen. The title itself references the term for a series of environmental crises triggered by extinctions within an ecosystem. Accompanying the images is an excerpt from Susan Stewart’s poem, The Forest.