Ricardo Cases – Paloma Al Aire

by fashionartbooks

Pigeons aren’t everyone’s favourite bird but this book might change your mind. This book has been named as one of the top photobooks of 2011 by numerous photography websites and established photographers such as Alec Soth and Martin Parr.

With only 300 copies produced, it is almost sold out. From the publisher….

“Ricardo Cases’ third photobook deals with an unusual subject: the practice of pigeon racing in the Spanish regions of Valencia and Murcia, a game consisting of releasing one female pigeon and dozens of male pigeons that chase her trying to get her attention.

The present series examines the game as a symbolic act, a projection and a way of relating to the world. A group of men running through the countryside behind their male pigeons, observing their mating performances, discussing the rules and arbitrations… It refers to the ethnographic documentation of remote tribes rituals or to the group of children who invent a game while discovering the world.”

Ricardo Cases - Paloma Al Aire

Ricardo Cases - Paloma Al Aire

Ricardo Cases - Paloma Al Aire